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We were actually with them for a month or two and the variety of food that we were getting was terrible. We were seriously getting hordes of rice every day. I love me some rice, but not every day for every meal.

ZC has vastly improved their quality of customer support in the recent months. We've been with them since the beginning, and we've seen it happen.

Very happy to hear that, thanks

I had the same experience at the start of my use of ZeroCater.

The great thing was, though, that I was able to just tell ZeroCater that we didn't want as much rice, and they fixed it. They're super responsive. We've been using them for about 2 months now, and are pretty happy.

We tried that, but I think that we were one of their first customers and they weren't really adept at making changes yet. Things must've changed after we stopped being a customer.

Maybe they just thought you needed more starch in your diet.

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