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Tesla | Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Manufacturing Systems | Fremont, CA or Austin, TX

The Core Automation Services (CAS) team at Tesla is building applications to enable manufacturing, with an eye towards reliability, availability, scalability, speed and security. We're a diverse team composed of Controls Automation Engineers, Software Engineers, and various other disciplines that help facilitate automated manufacturing processes. As an SRE on the CAS team you'll be working with the infrastructure, systems and applications that act as the middleware layer between Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and the outside world, such as Databases, MES systems and other services.

Location: Fremont, CA | Austin, TX


  * Support interim HMI/SCADA vendor application (Ignition from Inductive Automation)
    * Building tooling around it, evaluating its usage, and helping to ensure its reliability, availability and security
  * Design software and systems that enable automated manufacturing at Tesla
  * Assist Software, Controls, Manufacturing and other types of Engineers with onboarding and integrating services into the Tesla technology stack
  * Ensuring best practices and observability of the service, such as metrics, logging, tracing, and alerting
  * Automate configuration and deployment of services
  * Consult on and design infrastructure, systems and application architecture
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