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QAware | Frontend, Backend | München (Munich) / Mainz, Germany | Full-time, Part-time, INTERNS, ONSITE

QAware is a project house with ~150 employees, creating value for enterprise customers like BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Allianz and more. QAware was founded in 2005 and is very well funded.

We are continuously ranked among the top employers in Germany ([1], [2]) - in 2021 we are ranked 2nd in whole Germany and 1st in the IT sector of whole Germany. For more perks, see [3]. I'm already working there for close to 8 years, as my managers are treating me very well and the projects are (most of the time) interesting. We have a great WFH policy (even before COVID) and we don't have open plan offices!

Technologies include (modern) Java, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, React, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, JavaEE (of course not all in one project - the technology choices differ by project). At the moment I'm working extensively with Kubernetes and Spring Boot on Java 11.

Office in Munich is close to public transport "Giesing". Office in Mainz is near public transport "Römisches Theather". Office language is German.

Open positions:

- Cloud platform engineer: https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/cloud-platform-engineer/

- Software engineer https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/software-engineer/

- Senior software engineer https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/senior-software-engineer...

- Software architect https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/software-architect/

- Project manager https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/it-project-manager-mit-t...

- IT Consultant https://www.qaware.de/karriere/jobs/it-consultant/

Contact me at moritz (dot) kammerer (at) qaware (dot) de

Please don't send CVs to me, I'm just a mere software guy. If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them!

[1] https://www.kununu.com/de/qaware [2] https://www.qaware.de/news/platz-1-bei-beste-arbeitgeber-in-... [3] https://www.qaware.de/unternehmen/#kennzahlen

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