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Zeus Health | USA Full Stack Engineer and Tech Lead | Boston or Remote Zeus Health is an early stage startup focused on accelerating digital health builders with a platform of healthcare-oriented, FHIR and API-first services. We believe that now is the time for healthcare to change in this country and that our modern technology infrastructure will unleash that change. Our first customers (healthcare “builders”) are innovative and hungry digital health startups. We're led by athenahealth's co-founder, Jonathan Bush, and a seasoned leadership team. Our evolving tech stack currently includes Go, Java, protobuf, React, and AWS.

* Tech Lead - https://apply.workable.com/zeus-health/j/74F000F57B/

* Full Stack Engineer - https://apply.workable.com/zeus-health/j/41D46F7A28/

Feel free to send me a message at bkeeler@zeus.health!

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