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DRW Trading Group | Software Engineer | London, Chicago, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam | ONSITE (post covid)

We have a number of software engineering roles at DRW Trading Group. Trading is a very interesting industry and being a software engineer at a trading firm is really fulfilling because we're solving interesting problems and building things we want for ourselves and our colleagues. There's a really tight feedback loop and you'll be working with people who directly have a vested interest in making you successful and building great things to help the firm succeed.

Here is an example posting for a Java developer (touch of Rust and Javascript) for a team I am personally working on setting up: https://drw.com/careers/job/1362330

Standard blurb: DRW is a technology-driven, diversified principal trading firm. We trade our own capital at our own risk, across a broad range of asset classes, instruments and strategies, in financial markets around the world

You can email me, my handle is ndunn at [company name].com

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