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Friendly Captcha (https://friendlycaptcha.com) | Remote, EU timezone | Part-time or hourly basis | Full-stack developer

We are a small, profitable company providing a privacy-friendly and accessible alternative to Google ReCAPTCHA based on proof of work. We are looking for a fullstack developer to help us further improve our anti-spam tools that don't carry an accessibility and privacy cost to end-users. The ideal candidate is a generalist, has strong knowledge of web APIs, has experience with open source, and has built a SaaS product before.


* Typescript, Go, HTML, CSS (and likely React in the future for a revamped customer/admin dashboard)

* Serverless (Cloudflare Workers) as well as good-old load balanced services (in Go)

* Redis, FaunaDB, Postgres, Clickhouse

* Git, Github Actions, Sentry, Stripe

* Plugins for Wordpress in PHP, and Flutter (Dart)

Reach out to me at guido@<our domain name>.

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