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ibble, Inc. | Senior Backend, Fullstack, React Native Engineers | Austin | Full-time | ONSITE

Here at ibble, we’re reinventing the way that people have digital conversations and engage with ideas that matter most to them. We are founded by leaders with proven track-records of success and backed by well-known VC partners. As a member of the technology team at ibble, you will be responsible for working directly with fellow engineers to help design, build, test, and scale our social media platform.

Our stack consists primarily of Typescript (Node.js on the backend, React Native for our app, and Angular for our soon-to-launch web app). We embody modern software paradigms, stick to FRP as closely as we can, ship early and often, and aim to keep our codebases as clean, functional, and modern as possible! Come join our growing team today!

If interested, reach out directly to me: eric [at] ibble.io or check out our careers page: https://www.getibble.com/careers

Check out what we’re all about in the App Store and Google Play, or by web: https://www.getibble.com/features

Applications are open for YC Winter 2022

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