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Why Do Scientists Lie? [pdf] (liamkofibright.com)
3 points by barry-cotter 25 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

> This analysis of what produces fraud is suggestive of a solution: replace thumos with nous! If the problem with scientists is that their desire for honour and esteem, credit, is tempting them to cut corners and commit fraud, we should try to discourage such glory- seeking behaviour. This can happen through motive modification (advocated in Du Bois, 1898; see Bright, 2018). In this sort of scheme one tries to both filter for scientists who are more concerned with the quest for truth than glory seeking when one looks for junior researchers. And one also engages in a kind of soul crafting (Appiah, 2005, ch.5), using the educational and cultural institutions of science to mould researchers’ desires and sense of identity to be focussed much more on truth-seeking than worldly acclaim. This should also be paired with institutional redesign, so that people are not forced to become de facto credit seekers (Nosek et al, 2012), and rep- lication and checking work is properly encouraged (Bruner, 2013; Romero, 2018). Credit-seeking caused fraud – removing credit- seeking is thus removing the cause of fraud. Not, of course, that soul-making and institutional design are trivial or simple matters! But we at least know roughly what we need to do, where we should be heading towards, do we not? Well, maybe. (This is often the answer)

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