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This was the last straw for me and my Google Apps account. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but I'm sick of being an afterthought. A couple nights ago I migrated everything over to my @gmail account. I even moved my phone over, which meant I had to wipe it completely and re-buy a couple apps! But it's all done, and now... I feel... good. I'm a first-class Google citizen again!

This is the reason that I've always kept both my google apps account and my gmail one. It can be very frustrating that some services aren't available otherwise.

This is why I'm not keep on the apps phenomenon - I'm still getting rid of DRM and I don't need more.

I'm sure there are a lot of good programs I'm missing, but (from a Debian-user's perspective) nothing is worth that sort of hassle.

The mobile market still seems bent on packaging users as the commodity. First holding them ransom to carriers (remember when people had to pay for new ringtones?!) and now to app-store dealers. Nobody makes the phone they really want to use, they make the phone they can best monetize.

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