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There's nothing stopping you from having both.

With a decent IMAP or exchange client, you can easily browse multiple mailboxes. In fact, multiple emails is probably the best reason to use a non-browser app for email.

Google has multiple sign-in support natively as well, I use it to switch between a couple Google apps accounts and my normal Google account. http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&#...

It really sucks, though. Between Calendar and Docs, there's often a conflict where it won't log me in to the second account.

This was my experience 6 months ago (I ended up using multiple firefox profiles for months because of it). Just tried it again this week, and I haven't run into the "derp derp derp one half of your accounts aren't allowed to see this"-type error yet.

Great, will give it another go, in that case. There's one little niggle still. Signing into a delegated Gmail account, there's no option for Labs. I want my signature to appear above the message I'm replying to, but this doesn't seem possible.

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