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It's a perfectly valid reaction, just not a valid comment on HN. This page is clearly for people who want to discuss this topic, if you're not one of those people, don't click the link.

Ironically, I'm sure you don't go into every single topic on HN and comment when you don't care about the subject, yet you complain about the hype that made you bother to write a comment about it.

It's a poll, it's asking for people's reactions. If you exclude options, people or opinions it's selection bias.

If you want to know what people think, ask broad questions and listen to the answers. Asking questions like this where you specifically exclude some points of view means you'll get "data" that statistically worthless.

Well, even more worthless than the usual polls on HN.

I'm sure lots of people on HN are all very excited about Google+. Fine, I'm happy for them. Really. It's just that they're currently like puppies, pissing about all over the place. I'm doing my best to ignore it all, but it's not easy.

But I'll do what some people clearly want and go away now.

> If you exclude options, people or opinions it's selection bias.

"I'm sick of the hype already and I can't be bothered to try it."

That actually excludes more options than it adds. It is an explanation with unnecessary complexity. Applying Occam's razor would turn the option into "I have not tried it," which is indeed a missing poll option.

Well, when the front page is covered in Google+ stories since it launched, I think its fair to voice disapproval at the hype.

It has no place in the poll, however.

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