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I always feed like a second class citizen with my google apps account.

I've seen the phrase "second class citizen" used a lot recently and I usually think it's a bit over the top.

In this case though it seems about right - I'm a total Google fanboy but as an Apps user I'm just not allowed to use their biggest new product!

Maybe this is their indirect way of giving you incentive to move to a Google account? (Don't feel bad I have google accounts and do not have g+ access yet.)

There's nothing stopping you from having both.

With a decent IMAP or exchange client, you can easily browse multiple mailboxes. In fact, multiple emails is probably the best reason to use a non-browser app for email.

Google has multiple sign-in support natively as well, I use it to switch between a couple Google apps accounts and my normal Google account. http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&#...

It really sucks, though. Between Calendar and Docs, there's often a conflict where it won't log me in to the second account.

This was my experience 6 months ago (I ended up using multiple firefox profiles for months because of it). Just tried it again this week, and I haven't run into the "derp derp derp one half of your accounts aren't allowed to see this"-type error yet.

Great, will give it another go, in that case. There's one little niggle still. Signing into a delegated Gmail account, there's no option for Labs. I want my signature to appear above the message I'm replying to, but this doesn't seem possible.

Tell me about it. Ah well, our time will some day.

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