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You should add an option for those that haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet. Some people, including me, just aren't that cool yet :)

I'm in the same boat because I have a Google Apps account, so Google Profiles (and thus Google+) isn't available to me (yet?).

One of the guys working on this said "Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we're working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay - we need to do it right!" Teams from across the company have been working very, very hard to make sure all the consumer apps are available to Google Apps account users: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/ten-times-more-applic...

I always feed like a second class citizen with my google apps account.

I've seen the phrase "second class citizen" used a lot recently and I usually think it's a bit over the top.

In this case though it seems about right - I'm a total Google fanboy but as an Apps user I'm just not allowed to use their biggest new product!

Maybe this is their indirect way of giving you incentive to move to a Google account? (Don't feel bad I have google accounts and do not have g+ access yet.)

There's nothing stopping you from having both.

With a decent IMAP or exchange client, you can easily browse multiple mailboxes. In fact, multiple emails is probably the best reason to use a non-browser app for email.

Google has multiple sign-in support natively as well, I use it to switch between a couple Google apps accounts and my normal Google account. http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&#...

It really sucks, though. Between Calendar and Docs, there's often a conflict where it won't log me in to the second account.

This was my experience 6 months ago (I ended up using multiple firefox profiles for months because of it). Just tried it again this week, and I haven't run into the "derp derp derp one half of your accounts aren't allowed to see this"-type error yet.

Great, will give it another go, in that case. There's one little niggle still. Signing into a delegated Gmail account, there's no option for Labs. I want my signature to appear above the message I'm replying to, but this doesn't seem possible.

Tell me about it. Ah well, our time will some day.

This was the last straw for me and my Google Apps account. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but I'm sick of being an afterthought. A couple nights ago I migrated everything over to my @gmail account. I even moved my phone over, which meant I had to wipe it completely and re-buy a couple apps! But it's all done, and now... I feel... good. I'm a first-class Google citizen again!

This is the reason that I've always kept both my google apps account and my gmail one. It can be very frustrating that some services aren't available otherwise.

This is why I'm not keep on the apps phenomenon - I'm still getting rid of DRM and I don't need more.

I'm sure there are a lot of good programs I'm missing, but (from a Debian-user's perspective) nothing is worth that sort of hassle.

The mobile market still seems bent on packaging users as the commodity. First holding them ransom to carriers (remember when people had to pay for new ringtones?!) and now to app-store dealers. Nobody makes the phone they really want to use, they make the phone they can best monetize.

Same situation here. I'd love to know if this is ever coming to Apps accounts.

Agreed. Count me in the "I'd like to have a chance to test it over Facebook" section ;-)

If you guys have gmail accounts I'll invite you.

EDIT: HN usability fail navigation Tip #97: The email field in your profile is invisible to others. Put your email in the About field so that others can see it.

Hey everybody, no need to me-too: revorad has a public email address. Use that rather than spamming the group. Thanks!

I've gotten an invite through the real invite thing and the "tag trick", but i still get the "We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon" message. I'm starting to think that google just doesn't love me.

Keep trying. It can take a while. It was nearly 24 hours between when I received an email with a join link and finally getting past the "temporarily exceeded capcity" message.

Its been over 36 hours for me and I'm still not in.

I got an invite 6 days ago. Still no go!

Tell me about it!

I thought invites for new members were closed for the time being?

I know people who have received invites, so it must still be working, even if only occasionally.

Can I have an invite as well? I´d like to see what´s all the fuss about. My e-mail is carlosrpnegrao at gmail.

I'd also appreciate an invite, if possible. My e-mail address is <my HN username>@gmail.com. Thanks!

If you could spare an invite, my email is in my about section. I appreciate your offer. Thanks!

If you have yet even more, I'd really appreciate an invite. daviddwalk@gmail.com. Thanks!

If you still have any invites left, I'd love one. Email is on my profile. Thanks!

I'd love an invite as well if you have any left. Email is in my profile.

Would love an invite from anyone willing to share. ngmaloney [at] gmail

Thank you so much for invite!

My gmail is in my profile. I would appreciate an invite. Thanks!

Thank you. Now I´m just waiting for Google to allow me join.

I'd love an invite as well.

EDIT: My email is popa.bogdanp [at] gmail [dot] com

If you have more I'd love one: awparks at gmail.com. Thanks!

I'd really appreciate an invite as well, id is in my about.

Sent you an email a few minutes ago ;)

Hopefully I'm not too late :) Thanks !

I'd love an invite. Email is: aayushu [at] gmail [dot] com

I've been feeling left out all week. That would be great!

If you have any remaining I am <HN id> @ gmail

<aol>Me Too!</aol> Email in about.

I would appreciate an invite aswell - thanks!

I'd appreciate an invite - email in about

Would love an invite if you have any more

would love to participate to the poll if is possible to receive an invite. Thanks in advance matemaz@gmail.com

I'd appreciate an invite also. Thanks!

I'd love an invite! Gmail address: paul.bridger


Would love get an invite. Thanks!

Can I grab one please, thanks.

Yes please. Address in about.

I would really appreciate an invite if you are still giving them out! My email is my hn username @gmail.com

Yes. Count me in as well :)

i'd love one if you have an extra. send spam to jack at g mail thanks!

can't decipher that.

sorry revorad. you can just send it to my username @gmail.com


Thanks in advance. :-)

I would love to get one too if you have any left. My address is in about. Thanks!

Thanks for the offer. I'd like to try out g+ if you have any invites left.

If you have any spares I'd love one as well. My email is in my profile.

yes, please. Much appreciated. Address in about.

Thanks a bunch!

wangbobby at gmail

Same for me :-)

yes please! mmmurf is my gmail username

man i would love one, address in about.

josephjavierperla at the geemail please

I'd like an invite if you have one. Gmail address in my profile.


The email field in your profile is actually private. If you want people to be able to see your email you'll have to type it into the body.

I'll take one if you still have them. Thanks!

Yes, please.

josephjavierperla at the geemail

I'm trying it out, but I can't invite any of my friends and family. That kind of defeats the purpose. It's social networking without the network or social aspects.

Create an empty circle. Add them by their emails. Post to that circle, G+ will send a "X shared Y with you" email which is actually an invitation.

Does this work for you?

This hasn't worked for a couple of days at least. Yes, the invites go out, but the signup page only intermittently accepts logins (presumably as they open/close the floodgates).

I just joined G+ 2 hours ago with such an invite.

I must be missing something. When I select the 'view post' on the invite email, the interface tells me that I need an invite. Quite a conundrum!

Keep trying. Didn't work for me 2 days ago. Worked today.

Kinda. Until you get friends and family on board think of it more as Twitter, where there are many interesting people to follow and interact with and there's a bit more 'bandwidth'. I have a few of my friends on there but am already enjoying it more than Twitter.

I haven't gotten in yet either. My gmail is in my profile if some blessed, kind soul wants to send me an invite.

srsly it is becoming a little ridiculous. http://bit.ly/mKEveX

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