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Nice work! It always amazes me how a visual display of the data can show us so much more than the simple text version. "A picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes :)

I saw other comments talking about ISO 8601, color coded events and one asking for other examples of timelines and it reminded me of the custom timeline I did for my previous personal website in 2017 if you're interested:

- Demo (gif): https://twitter.com/maxmre/status/919236332995702785 (it shows the "fisheye effect" that happens when hovering the timeline with the mouse)

- Code: https://github.com/blaze33/openblocv2/blob/master/src/compon..., I used React, D3.js and moment.js.

- Live version (surprisingly!) still hosted at https://www.openbloc.fr/home/about, click on the life timeline to expand it, might not totally work on mobile though as I recall, see above tweet in this case for the demo.

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