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Clojure on Heroku with Noir and Mongo in 10 minutes (thecomputersarewinning.com)
60 points by ithayer on July 5, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I wasn't aware that Heroku currently supported anything other than Ruby or node.js, and after looking through their site I can't see anything about Clojure or the JVM either. Does it support JVM languages now?

The Celadon Cedar stack has "undocumented" support for leiningen projects (Clojure). I'm not sure about anything else though... That being said, a big selling point of the new architecture is that they should be able to add new languages/frameworks fairly easily, so maybe we'll see some other JVM languages show up.

I can assure you that this will take more than 10 minutes. Don't have a heroku account or the heroku app already? There goes 10 minutes right there. Using a system slightly different than their system? Add in a few more steps to get all the prerequisites figured out.

I can assure you that there exist some scenarios in which it will take more than 10 minutes. However I can also assure you that there exist some scenarios in which it will take less than 10 minutes. Thanks for trying it out!

Okay, let's see... I'm starting now, at 2:18.

First: usually don't have wget on a Mac, so used curl to download lein. Have no idea what happened, got lein: line 110: lein: command not found and a JVM trace.

Followed the directions on the lein page, which worked out identically but somehow it worked this time. Now it's 2:23.

I'm still installing the heroku gem... it's 2:27.

Hmm, that went squibby. Think I need to redo it as root. Meanwhile, I signed up for a heroku account.

See I have to give Heroku my credit card number to install the mongo add-on (...), okay...

After screwing up the syntax for the configuration file, I now have a working (?) app. It doesn't seem to do anything though, the /welcome page says "Welcome to noir-mongo-heroku". Total time, starting from scratch, has been about 25 minutes if anyone is counting.

Anyhow, I'll figure this out and thanks for getting me started! I've been wanting to do something lispy and something JVMy for a while, and now I'm all set.

Ok, don't be jerks people. Post intelligently. You have all set up first, then read and understand what you have to do. >Start the clock >Do the tutorial >Stop the clock Then and only then show your stats.

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