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Some of you may remember @cheeaun's post[1] 9 years ago about making a timeline of life events. I made a timeline maker based off that.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6833565

Hey that's me! Wow it's nice to know that my old post/project is still being mentioned now :D

I'm no longer adding features to Life [1]. There were too many feature requests for something that I want to be simple. I'm still updating my own Life events [2] tho'

Two questions/notes:

1. You sort of use a striped-down Markdown(?) format, any reason for that? I use Markdown because it's also can be human-readable in some way, even though I don't really use a legit Markdown parser :P

2. Your date range format seems slightly different than mine. Maybe you need to document that somewhere :)

[1] https://github.com/cheeaun/life [2] https://cheeaun.life/

This is great! Love the simple syntax that anyone could grasp in just a few seconds. Nice work!

Some feature requests:

- Be able to resize the "code" pane and the preview

- Faster update of the timeline on change

- Use a standardized date format, like ISO 8601

Faster update of the timeline on change

I agree. If you're still processing a previous change you can defer subsequent updates (to what I assume is your polling mechanism), but when the event loop is idle the first one should be near-instantaneous.

This one is easy enough, I went ahead and cut it down to 400ms from 1000ms.

The only reason it isn't instantaneous is because I'm regenerating everything in the iframe each time, as my initial goal was to just take the resultant HTML and paste it as a page on my personal site.

If it was part of the same document (not in a frame) it would be a vue component and update automatically/instantly.

so cool.. what got you to make something based off a 9 year old post?!

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