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I came back to check on comments here.

I cannot believe how poor most of these comments are. It’s unbelievable.

HN used to be a place where educated, well though out discussions occurred.

Now there’s barely an ounce of critical thought.

It’s horrible and sad.

Why? I can only surmise. HN perhaps has gotten more popular, more cool, so has had in influx of more people?

Either that or I’m getting older and the newer generation has lost even more critical thought ability than I’d imagined.

Seriously I cannot believe that almost all comments here are conspiracy minded comments arguing against an article that is simply clear and critical thinking.

I beg and implore anyone reading this to read the following book. Even if one person does and learns better critical thinking abilities, it’d be a win.


For the time being, I feel like I need to step away from HN comments altogether. It ends up being the most depressing part of my day.

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