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Guide to building a Ground-Penetrating Radar for educational use (2017) [pdf] (gpradar.eu)
22 points by _Microft 33 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Are there any hobby groups that make kits and open source software for this? Any forums? I would love to have GPR but the software for the commercial devices is expensive. I will probably rent a unit in a few months.

They go into the details of etching PCBs (=circuit boards) themselves. I have never created a PCB myself but from what I read at various electronics maker pages on the web, this is not recommended since getting them professionally (and successfully!) made is very cheap nowadays.

From what I just saw on JLCPCB [0], getting five pieces of a small two-layer PCB made and shipped to anywhere in the world costs about $10 and takes roughly two weeks.

[0] https://jlcpcb.com/

>since getting them professionally (and successfully!) made is very cheap nowadays.

this is true.

Most DIYers that make their own PCBs are either interested in the near-instant turn-around time for rapid prototyping , or they want to make such an exotic design that it doesn't fit into the workflows allowed by PCB groups like JLCPCB.

that said, board making is a hobby unto itself.

Not that unusual in a university context to have the tools to do this available on-site, so it makes some sense they did it that way.

Good point!

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