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Notice how people are starting to use Google+ as blog posts? It even looks like a blog post. If only the URL's looked a little bit better, it would be perfect.

I just did that, then found that "public" didn't really mean public; the post was still only visible to people with Google+ accounts. Oh well. I then copied over to my actual blog. But I would like to have a true public option even if it only meant read-only of such posts.

I don't have a Google+ account and it's visible to me.

Very interesting. Whatever link I initially grabbed to test in another browser gave me a page that said a Google+ account was needed.

But just now I looked at the post and noticed a dropdown-arrow next to it which revealed an option to get a link. That link is indeed publicly visible. Also insanely long and ugly, but whatever, it works.

I think you just have to be logged into Gmail or another Google account to see it.

Maybe that's because the service itself is not public yet. It's still in private mode.

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