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I assume he means the smart hacker types, because they're about the only people who would appreciate that sort of thing.

Google generates a lot of good will in the developer community: lots of open source projects, Google Summer of Code, free hardware at developer conferences, Google tech talks, hacker "jokes"...

I don't know if this is a deliberate strategy, or if it simply stems from the company's culture and values, but it sure helps them. I personally love them. Winning the hackers and early adopters is a key to winning a market. I'd bet the majority of Google+ early adopters belong to the tech crowd. Similarly, many Android early adopters (from the tech crowd) convinced their friends and family to switch.

It's also good for recruiting :)

I get the feeling that investors might not get the joke when dealing with billions of dollars. If the patents come back to haunt Google, I bet the shareholder meeting will be fun.

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