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The real interesting thing in the article isn't that the nerd number bids, it's how the alliances formed. They weren't set going in, people hit their limit then looked to buy into an alliance. Intel chose to partner with Google instead of Microsoft and Apple. Android vendor Sony-Ericsson went with Apple instead of Google.

I had always thought Apple was very close to Intel, as they work closely together. Peculiar.

Apple's Intel-based products are quickly becoming a hobby compared to ARM-based iOS devices.

Not to mention the famed Microsoft-Intel "Wintel" alliance.

From what I've read, Sony Ericsson was not taking part in the bid. Sony and Ericsson, the two individual companies themselves, were though.

The bidding groups had names like "Rockstar" (Apple and friends) and "Ranger" (Google). Are the actual parties behind the names secret during bidding?

like a bad episode of Survivor

There's good episodebs?

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