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fortran77 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Why do people keep including this Jones and Okun list in things if they want to be taken seriously?

Saying that “individualism” and “worship of the written word” are white seems pretty fucking racist to regular people.

I'm with you on that.

It feels like these things are being written by academics who've never bothered to understand the world around them.

Is this why they're trying to stop teaching algebra in 7th grade? I saw very little about teaching math and more about "you should do this instead" or "these students won't understand your examples because of [some societal reason]".

I could also use a deeper understanding of how "showing your work is racist", that seems counterintuitive since understanding how someone is learning (or not learning) is important.

It also seems laser focused on the USA.

If nothing else this is a challenge to be charitable. The reaction question would be, is there a plausible version of this that is more than a vessel for an underlying Marxist dialectic on power with class just swapped for race? That's a conversation I sincerely think most people would engage in, and the reaction against it isn't racist, it's engaging on a level greater than dialectical materialism, and facilitating the discovery of truth instead of just struggle. Pretty much all the stuff that math is good for.

The excess of a program like this could resemble similar limitations in the former USSR with examples at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressed_research_in_the_Sov...

Math is ancient, and I don't dispute the value of presenting its ancient aspects. There are also traditions in it that probably limit its progress that would benefit from radically new teaching approaches. With generations of kids writing code, we could really be entering a golden age of math where the interest of young people is sparked by their access to tools that benefit from advanced math. There is a very positive way to approach it. One only hopes they can moderate the excesses of previous attempts.

I mean this question sincerely, am not trying to troll or provoke anyone, and engage only with the greatest hesitance:

Can someone please explain to me what things like the Jones & Okun list of "white supremacy characteristics" on page 5 have to do with (to quote the text) "white supremacy culture"? I was involved with leftist movements quite a bit in college and these just read like typical leftist complaints about capitalism, plus a touch of the anti-"affluenza"/consumerism movement, plus some generic things that most people probably agree are bad (when, implicitly, taken to an extreme). I don't see the connection to white supremacy, but I assume there is one and am curious what I'm missing. I started reading the text but am having trouble following it—I think they're assuming background that I don't have.

Reads more like SlateStarCodex's Moloch than anything to do with thinking one race is superior to another, really. What am I missing?

[EDIT] I've just looked around for the original Jones and Okun paper and all I can find are excerpts expanding on the list, nothing connecting it to the attitude that other races are inferior to whites. I'm having trouble finding the original on LibGen, too.

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