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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancers? (July 2011)
89 points by Aloisius on July 1, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 59 comments
Since the whoishiring bot seems not to have run...

Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.


Cambridge/Boston, MA area or remote.

I'm the author of the CoffeeScript book, soon to be in print from PragProg: http://pragprog.com/titles/tbcoffee/coffeescript I also run @CoffeeScript on Twitter. I gave a talk about CoffeeScript at the latest RailsConf and am slated to present on CoffeeScript at the Web 2.0 Expo in October and Øredev in November. So as you might guess, I'm fond of CoffeeScript, particularly in conjunction with jQuery on the frontend and Node.js on the server.

Contact me if you think you might have a project I'd be interested in, especially if it involves novel UI design and data visualizations.

JDownloader - Nürnberg (Bavaria, Germany) - full time:


Who you'll be a part of: We're the developers of JDownloader, the market leading download management tool with over 15 million happy users. On top of that, we work on client-side applications for some of the top 200 websites worldwide.

With only 3 people, we're still a relatively small, but highly motivated team with high aspirations, great opportunities and an extremly optimistic outlook on the future. Joining us, you'll have the opportunity to experience rapid growth right when it's happening while actively being a part of building and growing a big company.

What you'll do: As (Senior) Java Developer, you're in charge of diverse responsibilities and work on them either alone or in teams. You're responsible for parts of JDownloader, but on top of that will also have your own projects or products, for which you take the lead developer role.

Because we usually don't have strict deadlines or draconic specifications, we expect you to prioritize and get things done by yourself. You should feel cozy in your code, but also keep an eye on things like SEO strategy, project- and product management as well as user interface and experience. Your own ideas and innovations for projects, features or products are more than welcome and will actively be supported.

Send your resume, links to your current/past projects, social profiles or whatever you think we should know about you to e-mail@appwork.

We're looking forward to working with you :)

Are you really looking for a freelancer, or do you want a full-time arrangement?


I'm fluent in C, Common Lisp, Python, Javascript, PHP, basically everything that fits the "normal" programming model (OO and imperative and functional), with 15 years of hardcore coding.

Currently working in web (backbone.js, my own rails-like framework in PHP, some ruby for automated testing) and embedded software (ARM, linux kernel development, node.js and python on embedded platforms, 8 bit AVR development).

I am interest in projects that have a "creative" side, being pretty involved in building art installations, and the arts themselves (music, drawing, visuals). I wrote a book for o'reilly germany about arduino, and give workshops about electronics, arduino, processing (see http://arduino.ruinwesen.com/ for example).

I am looking for work to fill up my queue (currently working half-time), and would prefer small projects (30 - 90 days). I am mobile inside germany, but prefer to work remotely.

Portfolio (up to 2010): http://portfolio.ruinwesen.com/

CV: http://bl0rg.net/~manuel/cv-english.pdf

github: http://github.com/wesen (most of my hacking is in private repos though)


Hi - this is Paul and Jay from MakeLeaps. We're here in Japan, we run the Tokyo Hacker News meetups, and we're working on an online invoicing tool.

We're looking for someone experienced in Django/Python/HTML/CSS/jQuery to help us build out some modules. If things work out well, and if you're interested, we could also look at moving to a full-time arrangement.

If this sounds interesting, please hit us up on jobs@makeleaps.com


I'm very good with Python and have 3 apps running on GAE.

Python, Tornado, Google App Engine, Javascript (jQuery, learning Backbone.js), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux and VPS (Linode), MongoDB.

Some GAE work (Python):






Tornado, Google Maps API and PostGIS (PostgreSQL):



Blog: http://ccarpenterg.posterous.com/

Some experience with Graph Algorithms.


Nomadic - currently in New Mexico and heading towards the west coast around mid-July.

I've worked professionally with python, ocaml and erlang. I've worked in search ( http://bit.ly/ji-texsearch-opt , https://github.com/jamii/texsearch ), testing ( http://bit.ly/ji-fuzzer , https://github.com/jamii/ocamlcheck ), distributed systems ( http://bit.ly/ji-mealy ) and am making inroads into p2p ( https://github.com/jamii/dissertation , http://bit.ly/ji-telehash , https://github.com/jamii/erl-telehash ). I have a strong background in math (real analysis, probability, discrete maths) and computer science (randomized algorithms, AI / epistemic logic, machine learning).

I'm willing to work on anything but my main interests are distributed systems and p2p networks. My current project is described here http://bit.ly/ji-mist - if you are working on something similar or interested in collaborating please get in touch.

Right now I'm fully engaged but I will be available again around the end of July.

Resume - http://bit.ly/ji-about

Blog - http://bit.ly/ji-blog

Github - https://github.com/jamii

References - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=65525388#recommendat...


Nomadic - in central Washington state until sometime in September. Would prefer projects that can be completed by October, not sure I'll be freelancing after that.

Studying CS with good grades at a top university.

I have experience building web applications for in-house use by clients, using Ruby (Rails) and Python (used Pylons and later Pyramid, and did a little bit of Django). While I mostly did server side, I certainly know my way around the front end.

Most recently I've been doing mobile development; iOS mostly, I have yet to launch anything for Android. I'm proficient in C and Objective-C, and 'getting there' with Java.

I also have non-work experience with Erlang and Haskell.

My website (with links to resume, github, contact, etc.) is at http://zuwiki.net/. Prefer contact by email or XMPP at zuwiki@gmail.com.

Oh and I'll accept bitcoin, but I'm no zealot :P


Denver, CO USA

Run a small webdev agency, and need a Django / JQuery / HTML developer to help with occasional overflow work (~20hrs / month currently, could grow significantly over time).

Remote work is perfectly fine. My email is in my profile. Please send examples of work (github, websites, etc.) and your expected hourly rate.


Hey Denver, We are a web coop. Our mission is to help you help others online. We often collaborate as part of multi-disciplinary ‘do good’ teams that make the world better. Our specialty is in designing and programming technology solutions that meet socially conscious business objectives.

Ideally, we would work with you on rate that would foster long term relationships with you and your client base. Find us online at: www.colab.coop

Will ping you over email. Here's my portfolio: http://sidmitra.com/portfolio.html .

I also run a django dev shop, see http://cloudshuffle.com


Porto, Portugal, E.U.

Have keg, will travel. Will go on-site for time periods if required.


* Currently Python/Javascript developer, Django mostly; Google Appengine skills

* Lots of past experience with PHP, including some Zend Framework, Propel, ZetaComponents (formerly known as ezComponents)

* Experience with Java in content management applications: Struts, Hibernate, Jboss Seam. Many beers ago.


* Dojo Toolkit (including dijit's)

* JQuery


* virtualenv, pip

* Git, Mercurial, SVN


* self-learner, "do it with the best possible quality" mindset

Latest pet project

* http://hnmood.appspot.com


* http://twitter.com/zemanel

* http://zemanel.eu

* http://github.com/zemanel

* http://pt.linkedin.com/in/josemoreira

* http://djangopeople.net/josemoreira


BDD / Ruby on Rails / HTML / CSS / jQuery / SQL / Linux

I build web apps and other business systems for my clients; looking for someone to help out or potentially take the lead on some of the projects

~40 hrs/wk for several months.

Contact info is in my profile. Please send work samples and hourly rate.

Do you take on any python work? I have a considerable experience building python apps. My portfolio: http://sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

SEEKING FREELANCER Small interactive agency in NYC is looking for a solid Python/Django developer for a couple of days worth of work. Remote work is preferred. To be considered, you must supply live samples of your latest work. No recruiters please. Contact info is in profile.


What? B2B SaaS product focused on Small Businesses in the HR/Time&Attendance space. Thus far been built in Python/Django.

When? From now until maybe the end of July. Potential for more if launch of product goes well.

Drop me an email (in profile) and I'll be more than happy to discuss details.


Web Programming - PHP, Perl, Zend Framework, MySQL, Facebook Apps, Smarty, SVN, GIT

Blog: http://devcha.com Sites: http://slavi.biz, http://WebWeb.ca, http://fbtab.net, http://seofilter.com http://isocialtrader.com (the site is under construction but the fb app is running) https://github.com/lordspace


Java developer working mainly with Grails and Android. Would prefer short-term FT (<90 days) or any PT.

Current work involves building location-based services on Android and Java / Groovy / Grails / JMS / PostgreSQL / PostGIS / EC2. I also have a sysadmin background and would love a chance to do any DevOps work (esp. with Puppet).


resume: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18509454/persistent/hn/Resume-PeteDo...

petedoyle at gmail.com (email / XMPP)


Nomadic - Currently in Boulder, CO for the summer.

Generalist developer looking to build up clientele. I have a strong background in scientific computing / algorithms, but I've been recently working with Node.js and websockets and have been loving it.

Got some number-crunching that's dog-slow and don't know why? I'd love to talk to you. I love a challenge.

C, C++, Python, Numpy + Matplotlib

Currently working with: Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery, underscore.js

Would love an excuse to learn: Erlang, OpenCL, Clojure, backbone.js

Resume: http://bit.ly/jeremy_resume Email in profile

SEEKING WORK - 30-90 day projects only

New York, USA / Berlin, DE

For the HN audience: Python, PHP (please daddy not again), MySQL, memcache. Django and various other frameworks. JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, X/HTML naturally.

A discount for you if I get to use your project as an excuse to learn Scala.

(PS: Sorry, I will not work on your Rails app - I am eagerly awaiting the passing of the Ruby fad.)

Otherwise: Perl, C, C++, sh, m4, make, etc.

Big company? For years my focus was security, network, and systems administration. Everything from Nagios to Graphite.

Member of the Eastern Standard Tribe (despite my bed being in CET).

I accept Bitcoin.

+1 (800) 403-1126 / jp@eeqj.com


Architect/Civil engineer, software developer. Madrid, Spain. Can move through Europe if necessary.

Ruby on Rails, specialized in creative work, digital art and graphics. Other languages and frameworks, including Scheme, C, C++, D, and to a lesser extent Javascript, Bash, Java, Assembly, Objective-C.

You can see my "software art" portfolio in http://castrocastilla.com

We can use webconference, desktop sharing and technologies to ease remote working. I can also further clarify my background and skills.


Japan or remote

Portfolio: http://mattmccormick.ca/portfolio

Strongest experience with PHP, MySQL, J2EE, jQuery, YUI, Zend Framework. Have also done some django and Perl. Can do everything from the front-end code to server maintenance although my preference is in the back-end code.

I am also interested in getting into Android development so if you are interested in a developer that picks up things easily then please contact me.

Will respond to email within a day - matt@mattmccormick.ca


Hi! I'm Lorenz. I work as a freelance software developer in Berlin, Germany. I develop web applications using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am also a certified Scrum Master with two years of project management experience at bild.de and can cover for your linux system administrator in a pinch.

If you have a project, I'd love to talk to you! Also check out my website at http://lorenzkitzmann.de/work.html

betterplace.org is looking for freelance (and full-time) Ruby an PHP hackers. Please check: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2730631

SEEKING WORK - Remote or temp on site (pay + per diem)

American nomad/vagabond currently in Australia, returning to USA mid July.

I do full stack dev (LAMP / NodeJS) but am looking for JavaScript / front-end dev OR front end web performance optimization (WPO) work.

Not looking for equity only deals.





------------ MetaOptimize ------------

Ph.D. in Machine learning + natural language processing. Big data. Data mining. Text analysis. Data strategy. 10 yrs experience in these specialties. 20 yrs generalist coding/engineering experience.

Recommendation systems. Better search. Classification + categorization. etc.

I am currently wrapping up a large project and want to fill up my pipeline. Myself, or a team that I assemble, depending upon the scope of the project.

Remote opportunities only.


Berlin, Germany

Non-Profit Startup betterplace.org is seeking for someone experienced with PHP/jQuery/HTML/CSS.

More info: http://blog.betterplace.org/de/2011/06/28/gesucht-fur-die-be...

If your German or translations skills are good enough to understand the offer, please contact us.


Python/Django Developer in New York City (& remote).

Remote work preferred, available for face-to-face meetings in NYC area. Can also do Javascript/jQuery, PHP, Adobe Flex/Air and iOS/iPhone/iPad.

Would love to learn Ruby/Rails -- I'll give you a discount if you give me the opportunity.

I'm a full-stack guy and enjoy backend, frontend, and infrastructure work.

Contact info at http://brooklynsoftworks.com


Germany or remote.

Generalist with 20 years Unix/Linux experience, on the Internet as long. M.Sc. in computer science and linguistics. Particularly deep knowledge in security, crypto, dynamic routing.

I can handle pretty much any backend/infrastructure/architectural tasks, both programming and administration. I'm especially interested in Hadoop or high-scalability solutions in general.

Ping me for my resume: hn1.20.melitta@spamgourmet.com

SEEKING WORK [remote, start in Aug]:

Just off contract as lead dev for Kohort.com; PHP Web developer with MVC framework experience (5+ years).

* Zend Certified * Symfony * CodeIgniter * Kohana (preferred) * MySQL Db * API integratoion * Git/SVN * javascript frameworks (jquery, dojo, moo, etc)

I created The Home Depot Garden Club years ago. I love coffee and flying (am a certificated flight instructor).

Location: VT USA My startups:

www.expercraft.com www.flyinghighcoffee.com

rob at riggen dot org



(REMOTE, or local to Cleveland)

In a couple of weeks I'll be wrapping up work on http://appgravity.com an Android search engine I'm building for a client.

Java (10+ years), Wicket, Google App Engine, GWT, Hibernate, Solr/Lucene.

Most of my experience is server-side, but I've also done both iPhone and Android apps.

Contact info at http://www.armhold.com.


iOS (with a bit of Android experience) and quite a bit of experience (albeit, on my own projects) in Ruby (mostly the Sinatra framework) and PHP.

I have a gap of a few weeks before starting my placement year (I'm a Computer Science student), but I likely will be looking for projects even when that starts.

Details in my profile, but see: http://nickcharlton.net/

SEEKING WORK (Remote or Queens, NY) We are a new firm located in Queens, NY speciailizing in local SEO, tailored toward the special needs of individual customers. We can help you market your products the way it works best for you. You can reach us at 646-479-7707 or visit our website http://envisionmt.org


South African - lots of web dev experience in Ruby, Rails, JQuery and client side MVC. Node.js. ASP.NET MVC 3. MongoDB. I've done lot's of work on REST apis and OAuth. Also, this is weird, but I'm really good at screen scraping.

Remote is a possibility and a probability. I prefer working with European clients(time zones are better).

I accept Bitcoin for smaller projects.

SEEKING WORK [remote until December] Web & UI designer looking to develop relationships with companies/agencies in NYC. 4 years experience. I prefer startups and tech-oriented projects. Get in touch: ryan@wellroundedgent.com or view work: http://www.wellroundedgent.com


Portland, OR. Ruby, Redis, MySQL. Full stack with jQuery a plus. Double plus if you have written an app, mashup or gem.

SEEKING WORK - Preference for 30ish day projects, will consider up to 6 mo.

CS Degree - Portland, OR, USA, Prefer remote work

Preference for mobile development Android, iPhone/iPad, WP7. (C#,Java,Obj-C) Client/Server, Facebook integration, SQLite

Also C#/.Net, Asp.Net, Silverlight/WPF, PHP, ASP, C++, MySql, SQL Server, jQuery Experience leading remote teams.

We are looking for a freelance mobile developer. If interested please get in touch at alex@runhelper.com

Email me (@memamsa.com). Also, you might want to put your email in your profile.

Can you email us a link to your mobile development work. hello@fiplab.com


Heyawanna Labs, San Francisco CA

We're a stealth startup building a platform that allows users to find and share interesting things to do. We're looking for: - Infrastructure engineers: PHP, MySQL - Product engineers: Javascript, Html, CSS - UX/Designers: strong at UX

Email expressions of interest to jobs@heyawanna.com


I am a Rails developer who works on the full stack. I am very good with Rails, Javascript, jQuery, Coffeescript, BDD (RSpec, Cucumber, Steak), and a large number of the other standard gems. I am just coming out of a semi-large project, and will be available in about a week or so.

My email is in my profile.


Web UI designer - HTML5/CSS3/JS/Git - from concept to finished product.

Experienced working with developers, version control, template languages, Sass, Stylus, etc++ across time zones.

Portfolio site -> http://nylira.com

SEEKING WORK (REMOTE, Denver/Fort Collins, CO USA)

Wordpress / jQuery / HTML / CSS / C# / Java / Coldfusion / PHP / SQL

My portfolio: http://www.adambourg.com/ -- contact info on web

# 303 835 3579


Need someone to just style a Tumblr blog, don't have the time to do it myself. Design is already done, you'd just be doing CSS. Send rate/etc to ryan [at] venodesigns dot net.


Remote or Singapore.

I am interested in Unit Testing, Automated Testing or Java development work. I'm familiar with Selenium, Grinder, JMeter, J2EE, Springframework, Hibernate, etc.

Email me iworkforthem @ gmail.com


Lots of experience building webapps quickly in PHP and node.js but I also do SEO/SEM consultancy and audits, contact info is in my profile.


wrong thread bro

Thanks, deleted.

SEEKING WORK, New York iPhone/iPad/rails developer looking for work. Contact info in my profile.



• I'm a web ui/ux designer

• Portfolio is http://Masswerks.com

• Email marco@masswerks.com

Seeking Work

Looking for JavaScript only work. jQuery + Backbone (preferred). My email is in my profile.

SEEKING WORK (REMOTE or Chicago area) C#, Web Services -- contact info in my profile

Vidico seeking UI guy.

London, UK based.


Info in my profile.

SEEKING WORK Sydney, AU/Django/remote/casual. contact: see profile.

Good Afternoon;

I run a software development shop in NYC, and I'm looking for someone to do a couple of days worth of the Python/Django development. Are you available?

Seeking Freelancer

UX/UI Design

- Please reply with your email or method of contact and I'll get back to you. 10-20 hrs/week. Photoshop + HTML/CSS.

You don't seem to have an email in your profile. I may be able to help you: http://nylira.com

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