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Yes, i wish it was Google who bought Skype. They could just integrate the service with Skype, and get every user on Skype automatically to Google+.

Immediately, they will have more than 500M+ users from Skype only, not to mention Gmail.

Read http://www.stevenlevy.com/index.php/05/10/why-google-does-no... to find out why it was that Google didn't buy Skype.

Google doesn't need Skype. Their Google Talk voice and video chat is robust and more stable than Skype's infrastructure. Heck they don't even need to compete with Skype, as Skype is self-destructing from the inside out. Maybe Google could have come up with some migration plan from Skype to Google+, but it would have been too much trouble and then they'd also have a lot of technology overlap.

IMO Google Talk, Chat, and Voice are already superior to Skype.

Last time Google used users of one service to kick-start another it turned out really well :-)

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