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Scalable proactive customer communication that doesn't suck (intercomapp.com)
44 points by alexknowshtml on July 1, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Hey guys, If you're interested in the background of the product, read about here: http://contrast.ie/blog/product-launch-intercom/

We'd be interested to hear any thoughts.

A good feature would be to add alerts relating to the brand being mentioned, eg intercom. This would show stated feedback. I'm guessing some app creators have thousands of users.

Great job guys!

Looks interesting Des.

How are the users' social media details accessed? Do they opt-in and supply Twitter/LinkedIn/FB credentials themselves or are they acquired by other means?

We're using a third-party service to find the social data from their e-mail address.

Seems quite useful. Though I was wondering;

How do you measure the "relation" one has with a user? I.e. going from red to green on the meter - what are the factors?

Does your service also provide, built-in, the ability for our users to give us feedback directly at our own site?

Lastly, if you can, would you mind sharing with us the name of the 3rd party service you're referring to (to find social data from email addresses)?

Anyways, something like this might very well be what we've been looking for. Or rather, we're looking for a method/service/platform to enable us to effectivly communicate with our customers (not necesserily in terms of "effective medium").

Hi jsean, David from Intercom here.

I can't talk about the "relation" metric as I'm not as familiar with this part of the product as I am with others, but hopefully I can help you with some of your other questions.

Currently with the widget the user can read new messages from you, write new messages to you, and reply to either type of message.

Right now the behaviour is that, if a user doesn't have any unread messages, clicking on the inbox link brings them to a new message form. There's also a "New" button in the inbox (seen here: http://intercomapp.com/images/marketing/shots/5.jpg ) that brings them to the same form.

If you have an Exceptional account (getexceptional.com) you can see the widget in action.

We're using Qwerly at the moment for social data.

If you have any further questions, let me know here or fire us a tweet @intercomapp.


This looks really good. I can actually see myself using this when the time is right. Lovely looking interface.

I don't like the name very much though - "Intercom". It's neither descriptive nor sounds very aesthetic, and I'm sure it's not going to be exactly straightforward competing on Google for that keyword.

It is possible to get an invite? We would like to try it. This is exactly what we are doing by ourself when supporting our customers by combining Rapportive, Twitter, Google Spreadsheets, and magic.

woa, is that http://documentcloud.github.com/visualsearch/ in those screenshots? if so, wow for fast adoption.

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