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Dang, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you do here.

I've seen you engage with posters in this way so many times (though this reply is particularly loquacious!).

I'm always struck by how unusual that level of effort is. A typical moderator would probably just hit the 'ban' button and move on.

I do agree that mrtksn seems well-intentioned here, but even in cases where good faith seems unlikely, I've seen you take the time to explain the rules kindly and substantively.

At first glance, trying to educate bad faith posters might seem like an example of PG's "do things that don't scale" maxim. But surprisingly, I think your approach scales pretty well. You may not always succeed in changing the behavior of the poster you're replying to, but your replies have a positive and scalable impact on this community because they role model good behavior to the thousands of other people reading. And that's leadership.

Thanks again.

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