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I missed that story about Tom, too... pretty interesting. What else is there about Tom that's intriguing, though? Or the rise of MySpace, for that matter?

I think a big reason for having a movie about Facebook was all the deception and litigation that came with it. As far as I can tell, there wasn't too much between Tom's bank hacking and MySpace coming on the scene.

The parent company of myspace was a spam/spyware company, so Myspace's past in general is somewhat titillating. They seem like the Bad News Bears of startups really. Well, if the Bad News Bears did a bunch of obnoxious things of dubious legality. It seems like someone could easily make a movie about Myspace without stretching the truth as they did with the Social Network. I suppose Tom Anderson would be an even less likable protagonist than Zuckerberg, but that could make for a more interesting film.

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