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I moved from the Bay area to Manhattan last year. I feel poorer now than when I was a grad student.

Those taxi fares add up. I've heard many people say NYC has a great public transit system ... that hasn't been my personal experience. Specifically, getting cross-town (and please don't suggest the bus ... getting a root canal is better than enduring those).

Other costs I didn't think about carefully before moving: - Laundry ... in-suite washers and dryers are considered a luxury in Manhattan. - City taxes ... ouch! - Groceries: Not having a car in the city means that you are far more price inelastic.

There is a great quip I've heard: Manhattan is designed for one purpose. To part you with your money :-p

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at the vibrant startup/tech scene in NYC. There are a lot of true craftsmen in the city ... you just have to be prepared for a serious reduction in quality of life in SOME aspects in return for betterment of others.

Taxi fare? Where do you live? I've lived in NYC for about 8 months, and I've taken the taxi by myself about three times, and that was purely out of wanting to get home faster.

Getting cross town definitely sucks, but unless you live and work on far opposite sides of town, it's totally doable.

I think your post highlights a key point about NYC: you have to live in the right place. I pay a bit more to live where I do (East Village), but the transit options are awesome, there are numerous grocery stores and markets within walking distance, and many cheap or at least reasonable restaurants nearby.

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