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Show HN: Decorator to Speed Up Development (github.com/pcauthorn)
5 points by pcauthorn 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

This was born out of necessity as data comes from multiple systems and takes around 4 minutes per run. Now I can iterate in like 5 seconds

Not something I seen, a decorator used only for development that is deployed in production.


Interesting project! I like the config file. The readme also has a good example.

Can you go a bit more into detail as to why I would pick this over functional.lru_cache?

Thanks for checking it out!

Good question, this is slightly different than lru_cache in that it persists to disk so it retrieves from the cache even when you rerun the Python interpreter.

Also it gives you a bit of flexibility as when to refresh the cache and to use or ignore function parameters. I often make a change in one 'group', db data for example, and am able to just refresh those methods that gather data from the db.

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