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Show HN: Carros.com, a simple car classified website I made (carros.com)
14 points by nadermx 39 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

Portugal? Is already open for business or is just for testing? If is just for testing please ignore what I will say next: Many car models are wrong with strange/suspicious prices. The list of brands should only show brands that has at least one car to sell. Order by year don't work. Description is clearly not monitored. I need to submit my data to talk with the seller? I don't like that. I hope my comments are helpful.

Yes it's live for business. Those listings where posted by people, so its possible they are false. I'll add to each listing a "Report Spam". I've also gone ahead and taken out that line of text, and updated the contact to remind buyers to do their due diligence. And also will make it so only brands for sale show ones which have cars. Thank you!

Definitely "demo data" being used.

It's obvious, when you see photos of EU plates with "San Diego California" listed as the location.

Brazil it looks like.

Source: am brazilian, recognize the make, models and prices

> tmcz26

> Brazil it looks like.

> Source: am brazilian, recognize the make, models and prices

Have you missed the number plates being clearly from Portugal?!

The listings look like they are scrapped from different places around the web, and it filters them for you based on your ip. IMHO at leas

listings where not scraped. I've been working on the site for a year. It's very possible people posted cars in different countries.

How much did you pay for the domain?

seriously... could probably sell the domain and retire.

Cool! Nice initiave. I live in Chile, maybe I could help you in something if you want.

I Speak Chileno and English.

nico01f at gmail.com

How the hell did you get that domain? That seems like it would be very expensive

It was

Hi man, congratulations on the launch. How are you monetizing the platform?

We offer a upgrade for cars posted, and advertisements. Working on some affiliate offers at the moment as well.

Nice. What framework did you use to build it?

Built in flask.

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