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An interesting read. I'm born and raised in the UK, 23 years old and would love to move to NYC in the next few years. The problem for people outside of the UK is always going to be the immigration process - I'm having trouble figuring out the chicken and egg problem (job first, or move first?) and how exactly I should go about moving.

That aside, I found this article interesting, especially with regards to rent. I loved every second I've spent in NYC, hopefully I'll be there to work eventually.

FYI : I'm a UK national that's been running a UK-majority owned LLC in NYC for the last ~12 years (check out the E-2 visa). If you'd like to discuss doing something productive software-wise in NYC, let me know.

I'm a UK national working in NYC- it happened by complete change (a recruiter after I posted my CV on Monster), so it does happen, but no, it's not easy.

There are rumblings about changes to visas that will make it easier for startup entrepreneurs to come to the US, which is quite exciting. Right now I can only work for my employer, so I can't start up any little side projects.

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