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A little off-topic, but how hard is it to move/work in NYC if you're Canadian?

If you have a bachelors degree in a useful field it's very easy with a NAFTA (TN) Visa.

This is correct, but US immigration are quite picky about the kinds of job titles that they will allow you to gat a TN visa for. The general rule is the job title needs to say "computer analyst" and "management consultant", and avoid the words 'developer', 'programmer' and 'manager'.

Also smaller border crossings tend to be better than large airports. YVR and YYZ are quite strict about documentation requirements and are a bit power-trippy from my and friends' experiences. Land crossings are better.

I've actually found the opposite. The people working at the smaller crossings seemed bored out of their minds, so they went crazy when we arrived.

YYZ is horrible. I've had to stop going back to Canada unless I really need to :(

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