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Agreed. I just left NYC for Seattle. There were many reasons behind that - cost of living being one of them.

However, its all relative...

If I were single and wanted to eat noodles and share an apartment I could easily make NYC work - but things are still a bit more expensive, even buying beer on tap ($5 for Bud-like-quality, $6 for Guinness in many places). Don't forget you need to keep up with all those ironic t-shirts and that lomo camera ain't cheap :)

However, now that I have kids and would want very simple things like a garden, a good school, in a relatively safe neighborhood then you have to be prepared to pay a huge amount in rent to be in that school district and to get that ground-sloor apartment in a nice brownstone (in Park Slope, Brooklyn that would be close to $4K a month in rent for a 2bdr - thats based on some parents I know and what they pay).

What's that place in Seattle that you're comparing with a ground floor apartment in a brownstone in Park Slope (the hot place to live for families)?

There might be better examples - but right now Ballard. 3bdr, 2br, loft, more sq feet, garage, in great school district, garden, separate deck, washer, dryer = <$2K. Probably pay $4K to 5K in NYC (Park Slope). 35 min commute to work (or I can cycle)

I live in Park Slope, and those numbers are a bit high. You can get a beautiful 3BR brownstone (exposed brick, high ceilings, hardwood floors, etc) in Park Slope for well under $3500.

Hm... I failed to find any liveable 2br apartments for $2,700 in Park Slope in the fall of 08, despite banks going bust left&right. And from what I hear it only got more expensive since then. Ironically, UWS turned out to be cheaper so that's where I lived.

Haha, this was a typical NYC experience: comparing rents and not believing the deals other people are getting :)

May be true. I was just using people I know, didn't search current setup. My bad. However $3500 per month is still $1500 more than I could afford per month with 1 or more kids in preschool ($12K+ per year for 3 days, not including summer months).

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