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"The idea that New York cost of living is much higher is just false. You can sacrifice a bit of space and maybe the location and pay the same amount as you’re paying now."

Or I could do that HERE and pay less, too. So it's -true-.

Agreed. I just left NYC for Seattle. There were many reasons behind that - cost of living being one of them.

However, its all relative...

If I were single and wanted to eat noodles and share an apartment I could easily make NYC work - but things are still a bit more expensive, even buying beer on tap ($5 for Bud-like-quality, $6 for Guinness in many places). Don't forget you need to keep up with all those ironic t-shirts and that lomo camera ain't cheap :)

However, now that I have kids and would want very simple things like a garden, a good school, in a relatively safe neighborhood then you have to be prepared to pay a huge amount in rent to be in that school district and to get that ground-sloor apartment in a nice brownstone (in Park Slope, Brooklyn that would be close to $4K a month in rent for a 2bdr - thats based on some parents I know and what they pay).

What's that place in Seattle that you're comparing with a ground floor apartment in a brownstone in Park Slope (the hot place to live for families)?

There might be better examples - but right now Ballard. 3bdr, 2br, loft, more sq feet, garage, in great school district, garden, separate deck, washer, dryer = <$2K. Probably pay $4K to 5K in NYC (Park Slope). 35 min commute to work (or I can cycle)

I live in Park Slope, and those numbers are a bit high. You can get a beautiful 3BR brownstone (exposed brick, high ceilings, hardwood floors, etc) in Park Slope for well under $3500.

Hm... I failed to find any liveable 2br apartments for $2,700 in Park Slope in the fall of 08, despite banks going bust left&right. And from what I hear it only got more expensive since then. Ironically, UWS turned out to be cheaper so that's where I lived.

Haha, this was a typical NYC experience: comparing rents and not believing the deals other people are getting :)

May be true. I was just using people I know, didn't search current setup. My bad. However $3500 per month is still $1500 more than I could afford per month with 1 or more kids in preschool ($12K+ per year for 3 days, not including summer months).

Yes, it is true. It is also true that the opportunities to be had in New York, don't exist anywhere else ... which explains the higher demand/price. Everything is always at equilibrium, everywhere. If you're paying more, there's a reason.

I'm only talking about this one piece, just like he was. If you expand it to other pieces, it's a different conversation.

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