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Is there a way to run the Market on this?

I don't know. CyanogenMod allows to download official Google apps in a zip file.

If these apps are 100% java (no native arm code) as I think they are, then It might be possible to run them.

Another possible use for this would be to run apps and record the screen. Since this is x86 emulation, this should be much faster than the ARM simulator, so this would make really fluid screencasts.

Interesting, thank you.


(says the Android dev next to me)


Is this complete or perfect... perhaps not... but does it work... yes. Probably stamps over some license issues, you're not supposed to have the market on a non-grace of Google device.

Yep, I remember the Archos tablets not having the Market because it wasn't licensed (or something to that effect), but there were some "leaked" Market apks so you could run it. These ran a bit too well to be leaked by a third party, but the point is that you can install the .apks in theory.

I just didn't know if they'd run on an x86 processor, so this is good news.

It's not "leaked", you can download the source code from Google at http://source.android.com/compatibility/index.html It's not licensed for distribution though, so unless someone signs all the license agreements, you'll have to build it yourself to be legal.

Market.apk bundles aren't device specific, so the one you installed was probably just ripped from some different phone/tablet/whatever... no conspiracy theory needed here.

The only hack needed for a decent experience is to either modify your system build.prop to make it look like a device that has real market support, or hack the Market.apk itself to make google's servers think your tablet is some device that it isn't.

If all you did was install the APK by itself, some Archos fan developer must have pre-hacked the market.apk in that way, but doing that is relatively easy and common and doesn't mean Archos had anything to do with it.

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