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Wow that was a very interesting article. Thank you so much for the advice. I am working on an app of my own now and my marketing plan was essentially the same as what you did. I would have never guessed it would be so hard to get people to look at an app.

Yeah, but don't let my results get you down. Just keep in mind that whatever you do, it seems like the App Store still involves a bit of luck.

I appreciated your article too, but I have a different opinion on the value of luck.

The "big players" don't trust to luck when the release an app, especially if they've poured in thousands in dev costs. They use paid installs to push onto the charts, and then them momentum of the app takes over from there.

It's only the small fry that are scrambling around for a mention on RandomAppBloggger.com.

True... but I think it'd be hard to argue that I'm not a small fry in the App Store.

But your point is well taken. I don't see EA writing blog posts like mine.

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