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I've read about Redis before and heard how companies are using it, but never completely understood it's purpose. After reading this I can actually say I understand Redis now and how it's useful. Amazing that after hearing so much about it all it took was a relatively simple article.

Agreed. This is a great article that finally connected the dots in my head.

I'd like to see some recommendations on similar articles for other related tech (couch, mongo, hadoop, etc) that did the same for others.

On a basic level, you can think of it as just a faster version of Memcached.

Digging a little deeper, you can think of it as a faster, extremely powerful version of Memcached.

Its not faster than Memcached. More likely it is slightly slower. The benchmark the author of Redis did is under dispute.

I'm not too familiar with memcached, but isn't one of Redis's strong points is the data structures it provides out of the box, and not simple lookups?

Yes, that's the advantage. Redis is a memory-based DB like memcache, but is more than just a simple key-value store.

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