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Apple puts more adverts in App Store after ad-tracking ban (bbc.co.uk)
13 points by mjmasn 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I'm very disappointed that Apple is embracing advertisements in it's other iOS apps as well. For instance, I see interstitial LendingTree ads in the news feed on the Stocks app. Integrating ads into your first party applications always seemed like a Google or Microsoft thing to do, not an Apple thing. I suppose I could look for quality, advertisement free, non-subscription, alternatives on the App Store but that's like finding a needle in a haystack.

what is there to be disappointed about? Did you really think Apple actually cares about privacy the way you intend privacy? Or do you think it's more likely for them to care about it with the definition that gives them the biggest market power?

There's nothing surprising with Apple doing this, what's surprising is that they are applying different standards to everyone else and most people still fail to see this, and are surprised or disappointed by the behavior, when it's all been in plain sight.

privacy doesnt mean no ads. it just means the ads arent targeted at you specifically

Weird, I don't see those interstitials. Do you have a screenshot of what that looks like?

thats like the good, cheap, fast triangle. the reason you can't find something that meets all three of your requirements is that you only get to pick two. if its quality and its ad free, someone has to pay for that quality somewhere some how.

I’ve been testing this new ad format for two days now (for my indie game). There is no way to target keywords, only gross demographics like gender and age range. So it’s yielding very poor results compared to keyword ads. Probably only useful for massive campaigns by apps with very broad appeal, not niche apps.

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