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BroadForward.com | Full-stack GUI Developer (Go + React) | On-Site, Amersfoort, NL / Netherlands | Full- or Part-Time |

BroadForward is a scale-up product company whose core product replaces many old mobile network appliances with a flexible, high performance software solution. Our unique selling point is that unlike the old fashioned and established companies, our users can configure the service themselves instead of depending on expensive developer work or physical hardware. This is done via our web-based user interface.

We are currently looking for people to help out building this. We are looking for full-stack developers who know or would like to learn Go for its back-end and Typescript + React for its front-end. We're still early in development and will need a lot of engineering work done, and the interface itself is still made with Bootstrap until we find something better or someone with more aptitude towards UX design.

Don't be intimidated by the domain; it's very specialized and our website contains terms that few people are familiar with, but for the GUI we don't really need someone with a lot of domain knowledge.

Additional information and application: https://www.broadforward.com/full-stack-gui-developer/

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