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Show HN: Another Query Optimization Algorithm for PostgreSQL (github.com/vrroom)
2 points by matroid 38 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hello Everyone!

I have implemented a query optimization algorithm for PostgreSQL. The novelty here was supposed to be that the query optimization phase could be split up into sub-optimization steps which could be executed on multiple workers parallely. I think there are not many real world use cases for this. I could only think of a contrived setting where one has to do some data-analysis on many (100s) of data sources, where searching for a join plan might be a bottleneck.

Anyway, as you will find, if you visit the repository, that I found it difficult to use threads/fork processes in Postgres in a way that was reliable and safe. I would like people's opinion on whether the use case I described earlier is a real one and if so, can we parallelize join optimization in Postgres?

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