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as we are currently groupon bashing, take a look at groupon.de (germany) http://www.groupon.de/deals/berlin

scroll down ... down ... down ... there it is (gray text on black background), the crappiest example of SEO i have seen in a long long time. keyword stuffing is so 2004.

"Berlin ist als Hauptstadt der Bundesrepublik bekannt für seine Sehenswürdigkeiten und das umfassende Angebot an Freizeit-Aktivitäten. ... ... Berlin Deal ... ... Rabatten ... ... Geld zu sparen... ... Gutschein ...bla ... ... Angebote des Berlin Deals ... ... Wellness-Angeboten ... ... Restaurantgutscheinen.... ... .Freizeiterlebnisse, Events und Dienstleistungen in Berlin ... ... Shopping und Online Shop. ... ... Berlin Gutscheine ... ... "

i would have guessed that a multi billion dollar company could at least hire a decent SEO guy.

While arguably interesting, I don't see how this is related to the linked password leak

yeah, i know, but shitty SEO is not worth a separate 'submit' - also the overall theme of this thread is 'just another poor business decision / f*ck up by groupon' and this seems to fit the bill

Maybe Russian search engines fall for keyword stuffing? I do not know what the primary search engine of Russia is.

It's Yandex, but I don't see how that's relevant since this is a German site

I have no idea where I read Russian. My bad. :\

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