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Reddit Outage (redditstatus.com)
72 points by ra7 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 46 comments

Prepare yourselves for thousands of uninspired "me when reddit was down" memes.

Brace yourself...

What am I suppose to do all day? Work??

Not at all, HN is still up.

I wonder if the other time wasting sites get a noticeable uptick in traffic when one has an outage.

Watch amateur documentaries about obscure topics on YouTube.

Interesting, this seems different than other reddit outages I remember. Many of those seemed to only effect the app or the new interface but old.reddit.com continued to work. This seems to be everything offline, and it's already getting close to an hour totally down.

https://i.reddit.com/ still works. It's astonishing how much faster it is than the 'modern' version of Reddit also

Also https://teddit.net

Super fast. No JS. Optional host yourself.

There was a similar outage a few weeks ago, where nothing worked either and it also took a "long" time to get everything back up and running. I never did check up what happened there.

on old.reddit.com without signing in, the front page is loading for me: https://old.reddit.com/

...plunging the world into productivity.

That's what you get for rewriting it away from Common Lisp.


That new interface sucking resources..

downdetector is showing a big spike across a large number of services at about the same time. wonder what is up…

Just realized the same. Wonder which underlying provider went down.

DDoS protection

Likely related to Dogecoin's rise (Reddit also had a bad outage during GME's rise.)

I don't understand, what's the relation or conspiracy here? The bulk of trading is done by WSB-types and reddit shuts down to cool them? Doesn't seem worth it since the overwhelming majority of users are probably not traders of anything.

I think the suggestion is they're basically being Slashdotted. The platform seems to have issues particularly when a subcommunity suddenly becomes very active. Reddit is a very popular site, but is not usually subject to big spikey influxes of new visitors, just the regulars. So when a subreddit gets in the news big time (like with WallStreetBets) the site tends to crash.

It's nonsense, just people who see something happen once and continue to make nonsense assumptions. "Last time there was en eclipse my power went out, therefore the eclipse caused it"

Given that Robinhood and related brokerages are down for the same reason (again, also happened with GME), it's a better hunch than most.

What's the connection between RH, Citadel, and Doge? Yes, it happened during GME, but they had a vested interest as GME short sellers and no actual connection between them and reddit downtime was ever established.

Now we're talking about crypto and making the same assumptions. It's no different than all of the kids on reddit with 2 months experience in the market who now believe they can spot a short squeeze coming.

I don't get the dogecoin rise.... i mean can't anyone easily mine unlimited coins so ...it'll always inflate again, it doesn't have "deflation" like bitcoin/ethereum because of limited supply.

While it can and does inflate. There is a reasonable calculation at the rate of inflation(e.g. they know approximately how many new coins will be mined per year)

So its priced on. And a lot of the spike and gains have been on too short of a time scale to be effected by it.

I suspect so, too. Crypto and dogecoin in particular is going crazy, driving masses of comments. And tech stocks (and much of the market) are having another terrible day.

Well, I guess it's back to Digg for us! Or maybe Google+?

Digg is actually very good nowadays. It turns out that hand curated content is just superior to a soup of low effort user generated garbage and AI curated click bait.

Thanks for the digg tip, haven't visited in years, looks good. Reddit still has great subreddits but it's so much harder to sift through the garbage these days.

Does anyone else thing there is space in the market for a place between hand curated content / aggregators?

For me it seems like people are really wanting more curation, especially because of the ever increasing torrent of low quality content.

Some kind of curation platform? It's like we went too far on the spectrum away from flow-TV towards "too much clicking and choosing", not sure if this is the case for younger demographics though.

Reposts. When you’re site’s 80% reposts, the only people interested are new.

People don’t stay new for long

More like Star Wars day.

I don’t think it’s just Dogecoin. Superstonk was speculating on some stuff happening today in the markets. Not sure on the details unfortunately.

What is the causality?

Overload due to TO THE MOON rocketship-emoji rocketship-emoji spam.

And this happens just as ManCity vs PSG is about to start, what fun is a CL semi-final without the chance to check the live match-thread on /r/soccer every 2 minutes?

Misread that as "Reddit Outrage" and wondered how they could quantify that with a single metric.

And nothing of value that day was lost..

Let me guess. Cassandra crapped.

Should have used Scylla.

newyorker was offline for a bit too; something up at conde nast?

Oh, Reddit's back!

Oh no! Where will people post all their memes stolen from 4chan now?

reddit has the worst tech stack i ever seen, it's not even reliable

shitty CDN for images during peak hours, shitty video player, shitty website for mobiles

i wonder how it still is a popular website

this is what happens when you let the intern deploy to production

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