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fortran77 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite

It's the section on using this to identify corpses, somehow, that makes me suspect they're gunning for an Ig Nobel.

(In fairness, they do conclude that it's not useful for identifying corpses, obviously.)

> Nose size was highly related to stretched penile length in Japanese male cadavers.

Definitely what the kids mean when they say "scientist" for career day.

> The saying “Big nose, big hose” suggests that nose size indicates penile length. However, scientific reports that prove this statement are not available to date.

I wonder how the could make cadavers get erections...

It's stretched flaccid penile length.

Sounds a lot like https://xkcd.com/882/.

A little bit, but the p-value is so low it makes me give it some credence.

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