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Ask HN: Why Amazon EC2 Instead of AWS EC2?
6 points by tyrex2017 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I often wonder what the thought is behind branding AWS services with Amazon instead of AWS.

Does anyone have an explanation?

In my mind, there is no additional perceived value for customers, in both directions. Eg I dont think I love EC2 more if it is prepended with Amazon…

"The pattern is that utility services are prefixed with AWS, while standalone services are prefixed by "Amazon". Services prefixed with AWS typically use other services" https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33125790/why-some-servic...

but there's exceptions so I'm not sure if the decision makers see it very strict. Or maybe products changed over time or for some like EC2 it might be historical naming they no longer want to change.

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