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Ask HN: Would you be ready to pay a fee to get a fully remote job?
1 point by goodcoder42 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
If a website offered to find you a good fully remote(all year round, not just during the pandemic) in 2-4 weeks (or else you're fully reimbursed/not charged), would you be ready to pay for it?

I want to make a website that propose that kind of service for maybe $49 or $99.(or maybe a price adapted to your country or your expected salary, for example $9 for indians, $99 for americans...)

Does that seems reasonable to you?

I'm an expert in lead generation, automation, human-like bots, scraping... As a freshman student I made a script that got me 30 interviews in 24 hours, it's definitely possible to do this on a larger scale, not for millions of people, but I think I could find jobs for a few thousand people every month.

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