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Show HN: I made a knowledge base powered by Google Docs (circulardocs.com)
4 points by lsviana 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

My friend and I built a knowledge base powered by Google Docs and Drive.

We noticed that many teams mainly use Google Docs to write, edit, and collaborate on content, so we made it seamless to publish docs to the web in a knowledge base format. The app is designed to work on auto-pilot, so once set up any new changes are published automatically. An example of a knowledge base created with Circular is live at https://circular.help/d/support.

Going a bit deeper into technical details: there’s a SSR application that talks to our API and only our that part talks to Google’s servers to fetch and receive webhooks. Besides that, we have a 1st caching layer in Redis for recently accessed content to be available right away and a 2nd caching layer in a regular database. Both are cleared whenever Google tells us that a file/folder has been updated.

Feel free to try Circular Docs right now using a Google account accessing: https://circulardocs.com/.

I checked it out in beta, it’s super cool. Might be enough for us to get of Intercom for our public docs

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