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Corrado 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Their Youngest Child just turned 18. I wouldn’t expect any dirt to hit the tabloids. They have most likely settled all their financial affairs quite a while ago and just waited for the kids to be out of the house. Sad to see these things happen but such is life...

This is almost certainly true, as apparently they filed a separation agreement along with their divorce filing. In other words, all that is left is for them to wait the 3 months mandated by Washington law as a “cooling off” to have a Judge sign-off and they’re pretty much done (other than fulfilling the obligations in the agreement).

Maybe Melinda will follow in MacKenzie Scott's footsteps and become simultaniously super rich and super philanthropic.

Melinda runs a foundation with her husband and they currently share assets. So she’s already simultaneously super rich and super philanthropic.

Not that it would matter if that weren’t already the case.


Please don't do this here.

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