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CV Partner | Senior or Lead Software Engineer | Oslo, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen | REMOTE (full or part-time in Norway, UK, Sweden or Denmark)

CV Partner is the leading SaaS tool for any company that provides CVs when bidding for work or responding to RFPs (think consultancies, professional services, lawyers, architects etc).

Since its inception in 2012 the main codebase has been a Rails app that’s become large and unwieldy. Over the last few years we’ve found the limitations of the system and have started to move to a microservice architecture based around event-sourcing and CQRS.

Along with the event-sourcing platform we’re also building new REST and GraphQL APIs to drive the React-based frontend and provide easier integration for our customers.

As a senior engineer you will help us build out our platform and develop functionality in new microservices. We’re fairly open to which technologies are chosen and have a variety running in production (including Ruby, Rails, Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, Clojure, React and Vue) so you should be comfortable picking up new languages and frameworks quickly.

We have been writing more and more new code in Rust due to the language features and compile-time guarantees it provides.

We're looking for: Experienced developer with knowledge of multiple languages and frameworks (some Ruby or Rust would be beneficial) Comfortable with full-stack, whole-lifecycle development Full or part-time remote from Norway, UK, Sweden or Denmark or work from one of our offices in Oslo, London, Stockholm or Copenhagen

Make a big difference in a small, profitable, non VC-backed SaaS company

Full description: https://www.cvpartner.com/careers/senior-software-engineer-2

Contact: careers@cvpartner.com

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