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I am really amazed by the comments saying "they did not make profits so it is reasonable they do not pay any taxes". You are skipping the whole point which is that a company that made 44bn sales income didn't really make 0 or negative profits, they are simply tax evading.

I also think that this is very useful:


Tax evasion is illegal. If you get caught you'll usually be fined and have to pay the tax.

Tax avoidance is what Amazon does, and so should everyone else.

Having said that, I tend to agree with the thrust of your comment, that being: we should close, probably, close these avoidance avenues the for the ultra-wealthy. It's probably an intractable problem though, because the ultra-wealthy make the rules.

> Tax avoidance is what Amazon does, and so should everyone else.

I am interested to hear why everyone should avoid taxes, that pay for the infrastructure and wealth of the general public.

I am really not advocating insane tax rates but you would think that persons or companies that profit extensively from the wealth of certain nations are willing to do their part in maintaining said wealth.

What about usage of our streets? Thousands of Amazon delivery trucks roll over them every day. They are not paid for by tax avoidance.

Besides all that I agree that especially the governments have to do a better job to avoid tax avoiders. A conscious customer is a nice thing but is too idealistic to solve anything and will never reach critical mass.

Because giving money and power to politicians is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.

Politicians and bureaucrats spend other people's money spent on other people. Too right I'm only going to pay what's legally required of me.

Today, here in Australia, and I believe the story is smiliar in other wealthy nations, government spending needs more scrutiny in an effort to be more efficient, rather than more tax income.

I think the difference between Tax evasion and tax avoidance becomes moot when the corporation you're talking about spends huge amounts of money on shaping tax policy.

they are simply tax evading

Are you saying they broke the law? Because there is a distinction between evading and avoiding tax.

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