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[flagged] Jigsaw: A Google disinformation, toxicity, censorship and extremism control unit (jigsaw.google.com)
15 points by throwawaybutwhy 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

This kind of creepy stuff is why I’ve been gradually de-googling my life. Been using my personal domain email in zoho for three years. Keep google apps work stuff in a segregated android phone. And finally moved back to iOS on my personal phone with 12 pro Max. Yeah, it is a walled garden too. But a old fashioned walled garden that is more interested in keeping selling me overpriced hardware than to reshape society by their vision. Bonus side is that if you also use a Mac and have a Apple Watch the integration between them is fantastic.

Freudian slip that they named this after a fictional sanctimonious serial killer that thought he was improving society?

Someone may have known what they were doing...

Is it bad that I read the title and thought 'censorship' was one of Jigsaw's goals for a second?

It is one of their goals.

Ah, so it appears that Google is now offering its famously flawless technology for detecting bad actors, to other parties.

Was that supposed to be famously bad technology for detecting flawless actors?

I think that was the joke. I read it as OP pointing out that Google hasn't been very good in this respect.

In my (cynical) opinion we won't see a good tool, library, service, etc. Until we can find a way to make money (or prevent missed returns) while doing it, it will be a nearly vertical battle. People are too detached from one another to care.

One cool thing that seems to have come out of Jigsaw is gdelt.com which provides very large "news" datasets going back almost 50 years for use in data analysis projects


My bad it's actually https://www.gdeltproject.org/

I have implemented the Perspective API for a small forum moderation and it complements human moderation well, when reading everything going across the board is not possible.

First rule of the unit: you don't talk about the unit.

I guess that's why the submission is flagged now.

The stream of creepy products that Google releases must overwhelm the EU data protection authorities.

EU citizens should retaliate by sending 100 million GDPR requests per year and asking for personal feedback. By registered mail to Google Europe.

[CENSOR NOTE: This comment has been identified as toxic by jigsaw.]

[CENSOR NOTE: The entire submission has been flagged by jigsaw.]

google ministry of truth

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